What is a



& Why is it so Important?

Our symptoms and our current state of health are an accumulation of actions, events and environmental influences that have taken place over the course of our entire lives. For example, when you come into your provider with symptoms like increased thirst, increased hunger, frequent infections, fatigue and frequent urination; you may get a diagnosis of diabetes.   But what about the answers to questions like, "Why did I develop diabetes in the first place?" or "What can I do to reduce my need for medication?"

Instead of asking, "What is the disease?" Functional Medicine also asks the question, "Why did I develop the disease?"  Not asking this important question is the equivalent of focusing your efforts on treating the exhaust pipe of your car when it starts breaking down. You can imagine that treating the spewing black smoke emitting from the tailpipe without taking the time to understand what is happening under the hood would likely not be very effective.  The current conventional medicine system inevitably lacks the time & resources to address such questions.

LivingMatrix is a powerful tool that enables you to easily document the unfolding phenomena that lead to ill health - a process that occurs over many years, perhaps even a lifetime.  It gives you and your practitioner the "Big Picture" often unlocking clues to solving the puzzle and identifying the root cause, so you can take the necessary steps to maintain or build back you health.  

LivingMatrix™ allows you to partner with your provider to understand the root cause of your illness & conditions.

Each of us has a unique history that accumulates over time and holds clues that can contribute significantly to creating a personalized plan that allows you to achieve the level of health that you want. 

Documenting the actions, events, and environmental influences that have occurred throughout your life allows that "Big Picture" view of how you got where you are today.  

LivingMatrix™  helps me to partner with you to identify patterns that can be correlated with what may have ultimately triggered your symptoms, changed your body chemistry and/or allows this process to continue.